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                                     B.Sc. Preliminary / Previous /Final

  1. Foundation Course: English Language & Hindi Language,

Environmental Studies (B. Sc. I)

  1. Each student may opt for one of the groups below:

GROUP A: Mathematics/Chemistry/Physics

GROUP B: Chemistry/Zoology/Botany

GROUP C: Chemistry/Zoology/Industrial Microbiology

GROUP D: Mathematics/Physics/Computer Science

Note: The candidate who seeks to study in this College either Industrial Microbiology or Computer Science may indicate the subject of their second choice in the application form.


                                           B.A. Preliminary / Previous /Final


  1. Foundation Course: English Language & Hindi Language
  2. Environmental Studies (B. A. I)
  3. Candidate can take any three optional subjects from the following groups. Only one from each group:
  1. Sociology
  1. Political Science
  1. Psychology – (Practical) /                Geography – (Practical)
  1. English literature/History
  1. Hindi Literature
  1. Economics
  1. Home Science


                                   B.Sc. (H.Sc.) Preliminary

Foundation Course:

A.                   1. English Language

  •             2. Hindi Language

B.                       Environmental Studies

GROUP-I               1. Fundamentals of Food & Nutrition

                               2. Introduction to Resource Management, Ecology & Environment     

GROUP-II               1. Fundamentals to Human development & Family Dynamics

                               2. Introduction to Textile & Clothing


GROUP-III              1. Community Development Perspectives & Approaches

                               2. Personal Empowerment & Computer Basic

                                  B.Sc. (H.Sc.) Previous

Foundation Course:

  1.                   1. English Language
  •                   2. Hindi Language
  1.                       Environmental Studies


GROUP-I             1. Nutritional Management in Health and Diseases

                              2. Textile and Laundry Science

GROUP-II           1. Community Nutrition and Applied Life Science

                              2. Communication Process

GROUP-III         1. Life Span Development

                              2. Consumer Economics

                         B.Sc. (H.Sc.) Final

Foundation Course:

  1.                    1. English Language
  •                    2. Hindi Language

GROUP-I             1. Nutritional Biochemistry

                               2. Food Preservation

GROUP-II            1. Principles of Early Childhood Education & Curriculum

                               2. Extension Education

GROUP-III          1. Foundation of Arts & Design

                               2. Apparel Making & Fashion Designing

                                 B.Com. Preliminary                                                                             

Foundation Course:

  1.                    1. English Language
  •                    2. Hindi Language

Compulsory Paper: Environmental Studies

GROUP-I             1. Financial Accounting

                              2. Business Communication

GROUP-II           1. Business Mathematics

                              2. Business Regulatory Frame work

(Optional Paper – Any one)

GROUP-III          1. Business Environment

                              2. Business Economics


Computer Application

                              1. Computer Fundamental

                              2. PC Software and multimedial

                                 B.Com. Previous                                                                                      

Foundation Course:

  1.                    1. English Language
  •                    2. Hindi Language

GROUP-I             1. Corporate Accounting

                               2. Company Law

GROUP-II            1. Cost Accounting

                               2. Principles of Business Management

Optional Paper – Any one

GROUP-III           1. Business Statistics

                                2. Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship


Computer Application

   1. Internet Application & E-Commerce

   2. Relational Database Management System


                                 B.Com. Final                                                                                       

Foundation Course:

  1.                      1. English Language
  •                      2. Hindi Language

Compulsory Course

GROUP-I              1. Income Tax

                               2. Indirect Tax

GROUP-II            1. Management Accounting

                               2. Auditing

Optional Paper – Any one

GROUP-III           1. Principles of Marketing

                               2. International Marketing


Computer Application

   1. Programming in Visual Basic

   2. System Analysis Design and MIS


  1. Course Partially Financed by the State Government at degree level.


            Home Science, Botany, Zoology, Chemistry and English Language

  1. Self Financed Courses 

             B.Com, Hindi Literature, Geography, English Literature, History, Political Science, Computer Science, Physics, Mathematics, Industrial Microbiology and all the P.G. Courses.