Holy Cross Women’s College, Ambikapur

(Affiliated to Sant Gahira Guru Vishwavidyalaya Sarguja)

Ambikapur - 497001, Distt. - Surguja (Chhattisgarh)


Ethics / Code of Conduct and Service Rules

  • An employee shall obey all directions of the Principal and the Governing Body of the college. She/He shall, in addition the ordinary duties perform such other duties as may be entrusted to her/him by the principal in connection with the co-curricular and extracurricular activities in the college or duties connection with examination, administration and the keeping discipline in the college.
  • Every employee including the principal shall at all times maintain absolute integrity and devotion to duty and shall do nothing which is unbecoming of an employee. Every employee shall at all times be courteous and considerate to the parents, visitors, public, superiors, co-workers and students.
  • Every employee of the Institute shall maintain a high standard of work and conduct. The employee shall be loyal to the Institute and observe diligently all its rules and regulations and such modifications there of as many made.
  • Every employee shall carry out the work assigned to him/her by authorities, principal conscientiously, faithfully and diligently in accordance with specific or general instruction and shall maintain discipline at all time in the department or work places or premises of the institute. She/He shall also co-operate with management and co-employees.
  • An employee is required to accept any work allotted to him/her by the Management /Head of the Department / committee head besides the main routine work allotted to the particular post held by the employee, keeping in mind the particular nature of activity of a college.
  • Employee shall always be neatly dressed in clean cloth while on duty and shall keep their persons and work place clean at all times to maintain the cleanliness of the institution.
  • Employee shall take proper care of the machines, tools, materials, equipment, furniture and other properties of the institute
  • Every employee report for work at the assigned place of work and at the notified time for the commencement of her/his duty. She/He shall report or record each day the time of arrival for duty and departure from the place of work in the manner specified by the Management. An employee failing to report or record as above is liable to be marked absent. An employee, who is found absent from her/his proper place of work during the working hours without permission of the person in-charge of the department / section, shall be liable to be treated as absent for the period she/he is away from her/his place of work and will not have earned salary for the period of absence. In addition, she/he will be liable for disciplinary action.
  • If any employee reports late for duty either at the commencement of her/his working hours three times during any calendar month, she/he will forfeit one day’s casual or earned leave, or one day’s salary in lieu of leave if she/he has no leave at her/his credit.   
  • No employee shall, ordinarily, while on leave or under suspension, leave headquarters without prior permission of his/her leave sanctioning authority. If an employee wishes to leave station for any reason, while applying for such leave, he/she should communicate to the Management the out-station address at which he/she may be contacted if necessary.
  • The Leave Rules’ detailing the various categories leave, number of days, etc. are contained in the Leave Rules separately announced. The Leave Rules may be amended from time to time as per decisions of the Executive Committee/Governing Body. All employees are bound by the same.
  • If an employee remains absent for beyond the period of leave originally granted or subsequently extended, she/he shall be deemed to have abandoned the employment and her/his service shall stand terminated automatically with effect from the date or which the absence commenced, unless she/he.
  1. Returns within eight days of expiry of the leave, and
  2. Gives a satisfactory explanation for her/his inability to return on expiry of the leave.
  • No employee shall disturb the peaceful atmosphere in the Institute by demonstrating, shouting, loud talk or horse-play, indulge in any act prejudicial to the interest of teaching, research or peaceful working of the Institute.
  • No employee shall indulge in quarrels, abuses, fights, violence or any other disorderly or indecent behavior in the Institute premises.
  • No employee shall hold any meeting, stick or distribute hand-bills, notices, leaflets, booklets, pamphlets, posters or make collection of any money in any manner in the Institute premises without prior written permission from the Management.    
  • An employee shall not communicate directly or indirectly any official documents or information to any other person to whom he/she is not authorized to communicate such document or information except in accordance with any general or special order of the competent authority in the performance of the duties assigned to her/him. Further, no employee of the college shall address any communication to the members of the Governing Body or meet them for official purposes, without written permission of the principal.
  • All employee shall be Governed by the rules of conducts if any framed by the Governing Body in conformity with the Adhiniyam, the Statutes, Ordinances and Regulations of the University.
  • Any infringement of the provisions of these bye service of the regarded as subversive of good discipline and would amount to misconduct and may well justify the initiation of disciplinary action against such employee.
  • No employee except a part time employee of the college shall apply for any post under any other authority except through the principal and in the case of the principal through the Chairperson of the Governing Body.
  • An employee other than a part time employee, shall be a whole-time employee of the college and shall not without the previous approval of the Governing Body, engage herself/himself private tuition or in any trade or business or take up an occupation or work (other than as an examiner or author of book which is likely to interface with the duties of her/his appointment.
  • No employee shall, except with the prior written sanction of the Governing Body, participate in the editing or management of a newspaper or periodical other than journals.
  • Employees will be paid their salary within 7 days of the following month. Salary is generally paid by crediting the amount to the individual’s bank account held with a bank approved by the Management.
  • No employee shall stand for election for local bodies such as of the University, Corporation, Municipality, Panchayat, Political party etc.
  • Private trade or employment: No employee shall, without the previous sanction of the competent authority, undertake any employment while in service of the Institute other than her/ his duties connected with the Institute, or carry on, directly or indirectly, any business or trade or private practice.
  • No employee shall act in a manner prejudicial to the interests the college or associate herself/himself with any activity, which in the opinion of the Governing Body might affect adversely to interests of the college.
  • No employee shall give to the press, radio, TV, print or electronic media, any news comments, talk or articles relating to the Institute without the prior written permission of the Management.
  • It shall be incumbent on every employee to furnish, in writing his/her correct and completed Biodata in the prescribed form to the competent authority for the purpose of record, and also thereafter promptly to notify, in writing, any subsequent changes in the data furnished.


In her Dissertation, Research Article, Project Report, Every Faculty and student shall:-

  1. Responsibly conduct research by following all ethical norms
  2. Not indulging in plagiarism (The practice of taking someone else’s work or idea and passing them as one’s own).
  3. Obtain requisite prior permission from the cited author/publisher, wherever necessary
  4. Give due Respect, Attribute and acknowledgement to the sources


  1. A teacher shall abide with college time table.
  2. A teacher shall not be partial in assessment of a student or deliberately over mark, under mark or victimize a student on any ground.
  3. A teacher shall not indulge directly or indirectly any malpractices or unfair means in teaching, examinations and administrations.
  4. A teacher shall not discriminate against a student on political grounds for reasons of race, religion, caste, language or sex for other reason of an arbitrary or personal nature and shall not incite students/ faculty against other students or other teachers or administration/governing body of the college.
  5. A teacher shall have freedom of thought and expressions in acceptable manner.
  6. A teacher shall perform his/her academic duties and work related examinations as assigned.
  7. A teacher shall not use make use of the resources and facilities of the department, college, and governing Body for personal, commercial, political or religious purposes.