||    Class begains for Ist year students on 16.09.2021 at 8 AM to 2 PM   ||    All should be present in the class following the Covid-19 protocolols.

From The Principal

Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning how to dance in the rain.

We are living in an era where the Covid -19 pandemic has hit the world at a scale and speed that we have never seen or imagined. The current pandemic is not only affecting the physical, mental and psychological heath of individuals but also has posed serious challenges to the process of imparting quality and education. It is a time not to live in despair and hopelessness but to live in creativity and to find new and better ways of being. Though we are forced to follow the rule of social distancing to defeat the pandemic, we cannot distance ourselves from teaching learning process, but adapt effective alternate measures.

At this juncture I am proud to say that Holy Cross Women’s College is well prepared for this paradigm shift by making several strategic plans to continue to be a centre of excellence through holistic approach towards women empowerment, making a conscious choice to grow even in the time of crisis by adapting and online teaching- learning and infusing a virtual work culture and study culture with technological innovations and advancements, presenting a new world of competition to the present education system.

College has taken initiative not only to create a digital platform for teaching – learning activity, to upload course content and video lectures but also a complete automation of library along with complete ERP Supported Administration. Holy Cross Women’s College leaves no stone unturned to make our teaching –learning a joyful experience both for the staff and students by amalgamating learning with various co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.

Apart from imparting human and ethical values, in order to promote environmental health and sustainability, values such as ecosensitivity, respect for mother earth and its resources etc. are imbibed through various activities which is the need of the hour. One of its unique characteristic strength is that it moves towards a education where universal brotherhood, interconnectedness as human being is inculcated in the students through universal solidarity movement.

Through its Institutional Social Responsibly Unit of the College, students are provided with ample opportunity to develop social conscience and a sense of personal responsibility towards society especially the underprivileged section. The college is committed to transform aspiring young seekers of knowledge into energetic, empowered women of integrity at affordable rate. So give yourself a chance in Holy Cross to explore the immense possibilities to truly to become a humane human to power the world with your precious life.

May God bless all our endeavors.

Dr. Sr. Shanta Joseph